Ahangama beach

The ocean bound town of Ahangama is currently a surfer’s paradise but its origins are as a prominent fishing village of the south. Its gradual shallow waters rich with many marine creatures host not only beauties such as coral fish, but also types of fish that are for consumption. Which makes Ahangama beach the ideal place to have an exotic meal be it fish, lobster, crab or even octopus! Staying true to its origins, Ahangama beach still features groups of stilt fisherman along its coast. Its surfing culture is also very strong but attracts more weathered surfers as the surf can be too rough and unpredictable for beginners and intermediates. A sense of sadness looms over the calm town of ahangama as it was one the areas that was mostly affected by the tsunami in 2004, evidence of its brutality can still be seen in abandoned houses, broken down buildings and in the eyes of the people who have lost their loved ones.

Captured Moments by: anukisauri, cheekymonkeysrilanka, fwr_ahangama, oonatjie

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