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Welcome to DIVERS LAND dive club. We are a small PADI dive center (S-25216) on Unawatuna beach. We prefer to be small and offer exceptional service. Our taste is simple, but we are only satisfied with the best! We are able to guarantee the personal touch, feeling safe and a unique way to explore the 0cean.

Our dive center is located 5 km south of Galle. The bay of Unawatuna is a place where all tourists find what they need. Enjoying the sun and beach and, be lazy. Or If you like to be active, all water sports are available.

High season is from November to April. The best time to dive in Unawatuna, to see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, is from middle February to middle March.

During the monsoon period, it is still safe to swim and dive, if the sea condition is calm in our lovely bay.

(2-3 hour course with theoretical training + confirmed water
training + underwater photos)


The underwater world of Sri Lanka is equal to the underwater world in the whole South East Asia. All our dive locations are close to our home base. We have got some old historical shipwrecks over 140 years old. SS Rangoon (1873) Each dive site gives a unique glimpse into the ocean.

Examples of our underwater life which you can see here;

Sharks, Rays, Jacks, Open ocean fishes ( Barracuda, Needlefish) Coastal fishes ( Mullet, Batfish, Sea Bream, Twobar, Silver Moony) Squirrelfishes, Wrasses/Junker, Snappers, Sweetlips and Emperors groupers, Angelfishes, Butterflyfishes, Triggerfishes, File Fishes, Parrotfishes, Surgeon fishers, Trunk fishers (White Spotted Puffer, Masked Pufferfish, Yellow Boxfish) Lizardfishes and Gobys, Goatfishes, Scorpions and Stonefishes, Scorpions and Lizardfishes, Strange fishes ( Ghost Pipefish, Seahorse, Network Pipefish) Snake like bodies (Giant Moray, Snake Eel) Lobsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Gastropods (Giant Spider Conch, Tritton Trumpet, Geography Cone, Panther Cowrie) Sea Slugs (Bighorn Nembrotha, Pyama Chromodorid, Purple Flabellina, Beautiful Risbecia, varicose Wart slug, Black Edged Glossodoris, Ceylon Gymnodoris) In our waters you can find over 60 kinds of sea slugs/ nudibranchs. Cephalopods (Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid) Urchins, Sea stars, Brittle stars, Crinoids, sea cucumbers, and worms.

In 1999 with the Hot Water Bleaching all South East Asia lost her corals in shallow water. So today we don’t have a lot of corals here, but we do have many kinds of fish in our dive locations.


We are a small, Sri Lankan owned Dive Club, in Unawatuna.

Shoy (Rishan) experience as a diver started at the age of 16 at Unawatuna Diving Centre. After 11 years there, went to work in Thailand at the Sea Bees Diving Centre. Than onto Dubai in the United Arab Emirates at Sandy Beach Dive Centre. Shoy has done over a few thousand dives.

Shoy is a PADI instructor, so you’re also welcome to get your Open Water Diver license, Advance Diver license, Rescue Diver license or Dive Master license.

He decided to start his own dive center DIVERS LAND in November 2011.

Shoy cares deeply for his customers, feeling safe is his priority. He prides himself on divers safely enjoying the ocean.

Shoy’s trained team share his vision. Skills, safety, and kindness are important to take good care of you. Our team is young, well trained by Shoy’s rich experiences. We believe in teamwork and ready to give you the ultimate professional service.

Our equipment is brand new and our air is fresh, you never have to worry about the air you use for diving. Your dive adventure is in good hands at Divers Land Dive Club.

See you soon

Divers land team.

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